Month: September 2014

NVidia GeForce Drivers on G56JR Notebook – A quick guide

Just wanted to report to anyone wondering what latest NVIDIA Geforce GPU driver release will work on the ASUS G56JR Notebook. Will update this post whenever I have tested a more updated NVidia driver out on my G56JR with GTX 760M GPU.

Before updating, I have used the GeForce Version 332.33 that was available through ASUS’s website and it was unfortunately very outdated due to ASUS insisting that all users of their notebooks shoud download the latest GPU drivers from their support site in order to avoid system stability issues. That is fine by me, but ASUS unfortunately never seem to update their support site drivers fast enough to release an officially supported version on their site for some notebook GPU drivers like the one found in the G56JR Notebook.

In short what I did was to go to this site called and downloaded the latest driver and their modified inf file that includes support for the G56JR GPU. After doing that, I extracted all the files using 7-ZIP compression software and replaced the original inf file with the modified inf file. Then afterwards you can click on setup.exe in order to start installation of the latest NVIDIA GeForce driver.

21/09/2014: Tested and confirmed as working with ASUS G56JR Notebook, is the NVidia GeForce version 344.11 GPU drivers.